Sunday, December 5, 2010

TwinStar White 6" iOptron Computer Controlled Reflector Telescope

iOptron Computer Controlled Telescope
Good for Astrophotograpy and viewing while being easy to learn!


Here is an opportunity to purchase a high resolution optical telecope.  This reflector telescope will last many years and is of quality design and construction.

It comes with easy to follow instructions that will allow you and your children to learn and enjoy the night skys.  The price is right too!

The equitorial mount is capable of slewing a celestial object.  The pre-programmed star charts will make finding object simple.

This is a beautiful instrument priced at: $ 399.00

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Celestron 21062 AstroMaster 70 EQ Refractor Telescope

An Exceptional Telescope for $108.56

An Excellent Buy And
Quality Pricing Too

   Lets not be fooled by the cost of this telescope.  It is a Celestron and comes with very high approval ratings.  It is a five star rated product at Amazon, with most buyers being very happy with the purchase.
As a beginner in 1966, my first telescope was a 3" Refractor and it gave many hours of enjoyment.  This enjoyment was in learning and spending time with family members.
If you are looking for a very reasonably priced telescope, you cannot go wrong in purchasing this scope.  There is a 58% savings.
Additional purchases should be made by a beginner.  Amazon recommends: Small Telescope and How to Find Them.  I recomend you also buy a good Star Chart.  These additional items would bring the total cost to about $150.00

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Amateur Astronomy - A Basic Affordable Telescope Brand to Try

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     As a beginner in Astronomy, it is not necessary to have the biggest and best Telescope you can buy.  I started with a three (3) inch Refractor Telescope and was completely satisfied.  However, if you are involving your children in this as a hobby, I would go for an intermediate level Telescope.  I will make suggestions about types and brands, so you can make an informed choice.

Galileo FS120DX 39.37 inch x 4.7244 inch Newtonian Reflector Telescope Best Low Budget First Choice:  Priced about $200.00:  Click to shop

View my reflector telescope article on Hubpages:  Click here to learn how reflectors work

Orion Twin Star Computerized Reflector Telescope - Astrophotography For Beginners

Orion Twin Star Computerized Reflector Telescope

Mount Is Computerized To Find Objects

This telescope is excellent and has many positive reviews.  If you are looking for a computerized mount and scope, you cannot go wrong here.  As a beginner or intermediate Astronomer, you'll find this scope system to be easy to learn and affordable.

The mount can handle a low end photography package such as a 35mm Film SLR or a CDD Digital Camera easily.  Pricing is excellent through  Click on the image to shop and compare.

Priced at: $ 369.95    Check an Article about how reflectors work

Article on Astrophotography and Astronomy appears below.  Reviews are included for your consideration.  Click on "Read more" below:

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Celestron Advanced C-10 NG Computerized 10" Reflector Telescope

Celestron Advanced C-10 NG Computerized


This telescope is a fine option for an upgrade from your beginner telescope.  It offers quality optics at a very low price considering the aperture size to cost ratio.

It's a high quality 10" Reflector with a 9x50 bidirectional finderscope.  It also has a 2" focuser allowing the use of 2" and 1.25" seocondary lens eyepieces.  It comes with a high quality Computerized German Equatorial Mount that includes "The Sky" Astronomy software with over 40,000 pre-programmed clelestial objectss made easy to locate using the computer finder system.

The scope also comes with three Manuals in PDF format teaching the proper use of the Scope, Mount and Computerized features of this telescope.  The mount has two high quality DC Servo motors for tracking Altitude and Azimuth allowing for smooth slew sweeps for timed exposure Astrophotography purposes.  It is relatively easy to learn and offered at a wonderful savings through  This scope is priced at $1,271.49 and ships in two to five weeks with free SuperSaver shipping.  You will save $844.46, a 40% saving through Amazon.

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Click here to read my article on how reflector telescopes work, and the superior light collection ability of a large aperture Newtonian Relector telescope design.

Click read more below to read my article on Astrophotography methods, or the specifications and image examples available from this quality intermediate telescope.

Telescopes Astronomy and Cameras - A Heaven Sent Family Hobby

     Quality time spent with our children and loved ones is invaluable in this day and age.  We should all have a goal to share time with loved ones, as well as friends and acquaintances.  Astronomy is a hobby that can be used to further the goal of spending quality time with family, and educate them not just about our very small world, but our universe as well.  Whether you believe in the Big Bang theory or Creation, the universe is an astounding gift filled with awe and beauty.  If you dabble in astrology, you will be amazed at what the heavens have to offer you in a quest to see related constellations and planetary positions throughout the year.  This article is intended to promote astronomy as a shared family hobby.  I was blessed enough to enjoy this as a child, and later as an adult.

Celestron C9.25" SCT Aluminum Optical Tube with CG-5 Dovetail 91025-XLT


This Telescope tube assembly is the match for the German Equitorial Mount feathured below.  This is a 9.25" Schmidt-Cassegrain Optical Reflector Tube that is high quality and will last a lifetime. 

You must look at this as an investment in a hobby for the whole family. is presenting this telescope at an amazing price of: $ 1,432.56 and that is a real bargain.   The hobby of Astronomy will astound you and your family.  Purchase of a quality instrument will be an investment in you and your childrens future.  Astrophotography is an astounding and facinating hobby.  Trips to the mountains and desert as camping and astronomy adventures will be remembered for a lifetime.  The bonds created by the experiences and interactive moments will be very rewarding and always charished.

To check out the offer at, please click on the image above.  By clicking "Read more" below, you can read technical information and specifications.  Images taken from this scope are included in the series of information too.

Celestron CG 5C German Computerized Goto Equitorial Mount WithTripod


Looking for a great intermediate mount for an exceptional price advantage?  This Equitorial mount is a comes with many professional features.  This mount has a GPS positioning system that always knows where it's at.  Simply level it and zero on polaris, and it will go to any object in it's computer database automatically.

This equitorial mount is a mid-range version of the German Equitorial Mount below.  It is of high quality and very affordable for the intermediate Astrophotographer.

Like the high end Computerized german equitorial mount shown below, it has the ability to find 80,000 celestial objects automatically.  It uses software directed slew and positioning, and can track altitude and azimuth for viewing and photography ease.

Current pricing at is $ 689.95 you save $560.00 (45%) and it comes with free super saver shipping.  Click here to Shop Now:  Shop Amazon save 54% today

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Celestron CGE PRO Computerized German Equatorial Mount


Celestron German Equatorial Mount - A Professional Option
This Is An Instrument And Is A Quality Product
Cost: $4,999,00 @ Amazon,com
This Mount is a high priced option that can only be appreciated by an advance Astronomer.  Having said this, you get ultimately what you actually pay for.

If you are an experienced Astrophotographer and are looking for an instrument, this is definately the mount for you.  It is German precision to say the least and I feature it here because it is almost perfect.

Everything you would look for in a Computerized Telescope Mount is given with the Celestron German Equatorial Mount.  The azimuth and altitude tracking is extremely smooth as the servo-motors and gear systems are of exceptionally high quality.

This mount has a 90 pound payload capacity.  I can't think of anyone this limit will challenge.  It's slew rate capability is an incredible 5.5°/second, and has a periodic error correction rate of +/-9 arc second.  The Nexstar® goto computer hand controller has a database of 40,000+ celestial objects pre-programmed into it and can be interfaced with other top of the line starfinder chart software.  It comes with a two year warranty, which is both excellent and probably un-needed, as the mount is built from such high quality materials and design.

     The list price for this mount is normally $9,397.95, but can offer savings here in the range of $4,398.95.  Further Amazon information is available by clicking the image above.  Complete specifications and additional review appear below.  Please click "Read more" a the bottom left for that information.


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