Friday, January 7, 2011

Orion SkyQuest XX12i IntelliScope Truss-Tube Dobsonian

Here is a Great Telescope for the Intermediate Astronomer

This Dobsonian Telescope has a 12" Primary mirror that will return very high quality deep space images.

The mount features a computerized "goto" mount positioning system that comes with free StarryNight Software containing over 40,000 celestial object positions.

This telescope is priced at $1,299.95 at  Click here to shop now

Check out my special article on Dobsonian telescope design, and determine what the differences are between these wonderful telescopes and other Newtonian Reflector telescope models:  Dobsonian Telescope Primer
Free Starry Night Special Edition software and Sky Theater DVD are included with the purchase of any astronomical Orion-brand telescope. With realistic sky simulations and a myriad of features Starry Night software will help you plan your observing sessions and help you understand what you see.  Requires PC running Windows Vista or Windows XP. Requires Macintosh running OS 10.3.9 or higher. The software and DVD will be added to your order automatically

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  • Deluxe 12-inch truss tube Dobsonian disassembles for easy transport to any observing site
  • If you wish to upgrade your XX12 to a push-to IntelliScope Dob, an optional IntelliScope upgrade kit (sold separately) will be available in January 2011
  • Traditional 8-pole truss scalable design offers superior rigidity compared to other telescope designs in this category
  • Big 12-inch (305mm) parabolic optics (f/4.9) with enhanced reflectivity coatings (94%) pack a serious punch for bright deep-sky observing
  • Includes custom Light Shroud, Dual-speed (11:1) 2-inch Crayford focuser, 9x50 finder scope, 2-inch and 1.25-inch eyepieces, Cooling Accelerator Fan, eyepiece rack, and more
It's a deep-sky observer's dream Dobsonian! The Orion XX12's jumbo 12-inch (305mm) Pyrex parabolic optics of 1500mm focal length (f/4.9); and a sturdy, eight-truss tube design that disassembles in about a minute into compact, easily portable components for transport to your favorite observing site! The XX12's traditional 8-pole truss tube design let's you break the tube down into portable "bite-size" pieces - no tools required! This 8-pole design provides a more rigid structural support than other designs in this category. All tube assembly knobs are captive, so you won't lose any in the dark!

You can even choose to upgrade your XX12 to include the IntelliScope Computerized Object Locator system, sold separately (IntelliScope upgrade kit will be available in January 2011).

The XX12 focuser is a dual-speed (11:1) 2-inch Crayford with 1.25-inch adapter, metal focus knobs, and adjustable drawtube tension to ensure excellent, non-slip motion for any size of eyepiece used. We outfitted the XX12 with larger, 8-inch altitude bearings for smoother tube motion. The side-reinforced base sports stylish cutouts that minimize weight without sacrificing stability. EbonyStar laminate glides on virgin Teflon to give the azimuth motion the feel of silk. Other fine features include adjustable altitude tension, an open 9-point flotation primary mirror cell, and a "navigation knob" for easy slewing.

Although the primary mirror cell is extremely well ventilated, the Orion SkyQuest XX12 Truss Dobsonian comes with a Cooling Accelerator Fan, which attaches to the back of the cell and facilitates faster equilibration of the mirror to ambient temperature. The secondary mirror has a 70mm minor axis and is held in a four-vane spider with very thin (0.7mm thick) vanes to minimize diffraction effects.

The XX12 Truss Tube Dobsonian telescope comes fully loaded with great accessories, including a 9x50 finder scope, aluminum telescope eyepiece rack, two telescope eyepieces: a low-power 35mm (43x) DeepView 2-inch and a high-power 10mm (150x) Sirius Plossl 1.25-inch, dust caps for the top and bottom optical tube sections, and a "collimating cap" to insure optical alignment of the mirrors. A convenient carrying handle is provided for the base.

The included XX12 Light Shroud, custom designed for the SkyQuest XX12 optical tube, is made of a stretchy nylon blend material that fits like a glove over the truss poles of the telescope, fastening with thick elastic bands on both ends. A Light Shroud is vital for optimizing visual performance in any area afflicted with light pollution or peripheral light sources like street and house lights. The water-resistant, opaque black fabric blocks stray light from entering the optical path, greatly improving image contrast. It's also breathable, which minimizes unwanted vibration of the scope in breezy conditions.
It's the big Dobsonian you've dreamed of owning, and now you can take it with you wherever dark skies beckon! Get the practical and amazingly affordable Orion SkyQuest XX12 Truss Tube Dobsonian by Orion and hit the road to astronomical adventure. One-year limited warranty.

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